Mike Baird Wins Louisville Lovin’ The Hills, Nicole Knapp 3rd

Mike Baird won the 15 mile event.
Mike Baird won the 15 mile event.

Louisville, Ky – SCC triathlete Mike Baird wins the men’s 15 mile Louisville Lovin’ The Hills event while Nicole Knapp finds the podium in the women’s 6 mile race. Louisville Lovin’ The Hills is an annual trail run held at the Jefferson Memorial Forest in Louisville. Cardinals Evan Cruson and Jacob Holtgrewe also competed, finishing 12th and 13th in the 15 mile event.

On the warm and sunny February day, the hilly course challenged the runners with over 2,500 ft of climbing in the 15 mile course. Mike Baird battled for first place the entire race with Ron Brooks. After catching his breath, he said “I definitely couldn’t have pushed as hard without Ron who was just steps behind me the entire race.” Baird appreciated the warm weather and the great course. “I couldn’t have asked for better conditions to compete in against some of the best trail runners in the area. It was an awesome day overall!”

Jacob throwing up the "L"
Jacob Holtgrewe holding up the “L”

Nicole Knapp was surprised by the difficulty of the course. “Those hills were the most challenging hills I’ve ever seen. I definitely did not anticipate their magnitude.” She went on to finish 3rd in the women’s 5 mile race. “[It was] very humbling and worth the fight!”

Evan Cruson and Jacob Holtgrewe put in solid efforts finishing in 12th and 13th in the 15 mile event. Cruson, the new SCC Triathlon Coordinator, enjoyed the support from Cardinal fans throughout the course, “Everyone loved the UofL jackets. Jacob and I were constantly getting positive comments from runners on the trail.” The pair spent a large part of their time socializing and telling people about the SCC. “People had many questions about the club so we are really getting noticed out there.”

The full gallery of the event can be found on Head First Performance’s website.

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Written by Jordan Morris 2/11/2015

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