UofL Cycling Set to Build a New Velodrome


A multi-million dollar indoor velodrome on the Belknap Campus will be the new home of “Louisville Cycling & Triathlon.”

The venue was unveiled at a press conference on Friday, April 1st with a special appearance by the only American Tour de France winner Greg LeMond and a special performance by hip hop artist Young Thug.

“Cycling is an integral part of our operations,” said organization President Jacob Holtgrewe. “Now we’ll be able to ride our bikes in a circle and turn left just like NASCAR does.”

The team was founded in late 2013 by a group of students and has now taken over the spotlight in the school’s athletics scene.

“We’re proud to have these bright young women and men as part of our university,” said Athletic Director Tom Jurich. “They race clean and seem to only think about how much their bikes weigh.”

The velodrome will only provide access to single-speed, fixed-gear bicycles without brakes. The facility is planned to provide rentals, education clinics and racing events throughout the year.

On top of bicycle related activities, it is hoped the venue will play host to concerts, travelling attractions, intramural kick-ball and Easter egg hunts.

Funding for the operation has come from crowd-sourced donations averaging just $27 each.


Happy April Fools!

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