Course Updates and Pre-Reg Info for Cardinal Cup


It’s that time of the week! We’re into the single digits of the countdown and we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Course Changes

If you’ve ever raced at Ft. Duffield during the Kentucky Points Series races, get ready, because we’ve changed up the cross country course. It’s a shorter loop now, and it travels around the periphery of the fort, meaning the essence of the course is still there, just without the rocky, rooty downhill sections that will be part of the downhill course. Because the laps are shorter, you’ll do more of them, which is more fun. It’s still challenging and has everything you’ve imagined when we say “Ft. Duffield.”

The Downhill Course is cleaaan! The lips on jumps have been retouched for maximum radness, the wall ride has been hammered clean, and the berms reinvigorated. It should make for fast, pinned back racing that rewards riders that can blend power, fitness, and skill perfectly.


Closes on Midnight on Wednesday Aug 30th! Get in there before the prices rise.

Gather the troops and register at

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