I forgot to Pre-Reg but I want to race. What do I do?

confused meme

You’re in luck pal.

Pre-registration ended for the Cardinal Cup at Midnight last night, but if you still want to race mountain bikes, we won’t turn you away.

Here’s what we can do for you if you decide to race last minute.

One-Day Licenses

USA Cycling really likes mountain bikers. Because of this, they allow Cat 3 and Cat 2 riders purchase one-day licenses. This makes it easy for recreational mountain bikers to do a race without the commitment of buying an annual license. They cost $10 at registration. We take cash or card.

Annual Licenses

Are you a Cat 1 racer? Do you love USAC? Didn’t update your license before pre-reg? Don’t worry, we’ll have those on the spot too. They start at $35 for juniors, $45 for collegiate, and $70 for domestic riders.

Day-Of Registration

Day-Of Registration will be available for every event. Before participating, individuals must have an active day-of license or annual license– because liability!

Collegiate/Relay: $20/$40

Domestic XC: $35

Domestic DH: $25

Domestic STXC/Relay: $30/$45

As always, we accept cash or credit and we’re looking forward to hosting you folks this weekend!

See the race flyer here.

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