Cardinal Cup Course Inspection at Ft. Duffield

The UofL squad was out at Ft. Duffield Friday afternoon to set up for the Cross Country and Downhill races on Saturday. Though the park had received several inches of rain at that point and had also been subjected to some high winds, the course still looked race-worthy for Saturday’s events.

Though there was shallow standing water on a few portions of the course, as a whole it handled the high volume of rain very well. The type of mud seen during course marking was composed largely of silt and was not conducive to packing (as opposed to “peanut butter” type mud). In addition, this means that the trails should be able to handle the volume of racers expected without sustaining significant, lasting damage. Finally, both creek crossings have more water than normal, but are still safely rideable.

The rain is due to clear up early Saturday morning, which should make for a great day of racing. The team is planning to come out in a week or two to re-seed the parking area and make repairs to any sections of trails damaged by the race.

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