Josh’s Journal: 2018 Marian Race Weekend

Josh Smithson of UofL cycling smiles for the camera

It’s back! Journeyman Josh is back with an update on how this weekend’s Mid West Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC) races at Marian University went down. Enjoy!

This weekend started off with several missed alarms resulted in a quick dash on up to Indy and getting there 20 minutes before the beginning of my short track race (STXC). Despite no breakfast and very little warm up I held my own, finishing 6th in the B’s and James raced a hard race finishing 16th in the A’s.

We then headed over to 4-cross and raced in style. I raced in the finals and landed a 4th place spot while James raced a very close qualifying race while missing the A final by just a few yards.

After a night of partying with the Marian kiddos, we headed to Southwestway Park to race cross country (XCO) and downhill (DH). Our club president Elijah Eisert made an appearance and we battled it out in the B’s race. After crashing early, I slowly gained some ground and managed to recover. James had a rough start, but rallied in the last lap and caught up with a few riders.

The DH race was about 30 minutes after the XC race, which gave us time for a 5 minute nap. Without much delay we found ourselves at the start line sending it down the trail. James crushed it and got 4th overall while hitting the jumps with style. I got my hardtail across the finish line after surviving the challenging rock garden. Elijah showed that he still has what it takes and rode his bike. We had a season high of 10 races raced in one weekend by 3 riders.

This coming weekend is our fall break, so we’re going to Michigan Tech’s race in the Upper Peninsula for the MWCCC Championships. We’re sitting in 3rd place on the conference standings behind Wisconsin-Madison and Notre Dame.

Full Results from Marian are Here.