UofL Cycling and Triathlon: State of the Union

The State of the Union is a monthly newsletter by the university of Louisville student Cycling coalition uofl cycling and triathlon team president

Welcome to the State of the Union! We’ll be coming at you with monthly updates on what the Student Cycling Coalition has been up to from the perspective of the organization’s president.

Grit Cycling is a bicycle shop located in Louisville, Ky. They are the proud bike shop partner of UofL cycling and UofL Triathlon.Over the summer, we partnered with the newly re-branded Grit Cycling as our shop sponsor. Located on Preston Highway, Grit is the closest bike shop to the Belknap campus. They’ve been keeping students rolling for a long time and now they’re helping us get ready for race day.

Our second annual Cardinal Cup was held in early September. Despite some heavy rain, we had over a hundred twenty race entries and received tons of great feedback from the ten colleges represented. Ft. Duffield is the best place around Louisville to shred in the rain! There was room for improvement with a lot of money left on the table from low domestic turnout, so we’ll be putting in more effort to market the event to the local community next year.The Cardinal Cup is a mountain bike race organized the by mountain bike team at the university of Louisville.

The success of our event is in huge part thanks to the efforts of a startup race registration platform named sport.io created by alumni Abner Miralda and Jason Eisenmenger. Sport.io has already hosted events internationally and we look forward to growing together with them as the newest sponsor of our team.

12017584_1221033167923709_5690941306659876523_oWe’ve had a lot of success in the last month hosting repair days at Freedom Park, the “Red Square” between 2nd and 3rd Street across from the Ville Grille. We’ve already fixed dozens of bikes and we’ll continue providing free assistance twice monthly to UofL students. Look for us next on October 24 during Sustainability Week in The Quad.

Come ride with us! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for more updates.

Elijah Eisert,
President, Student Cycling Coalition