I’m an alum of the University of Louisville, can I still join?

  • Yes! You can become a community member of the Student Cycling Coalition. The race teams are only for full-time students. A full-time student is enrolled in 12-credit-hours or is a graduate student and is in good academic and financial status with the institution.

I’m an alum, I work at UofL, or I’m a die-hard UofL fan and I love your kits! Can I purchase one?

  • Yes! You’ll have to make a $10 dollar donation to become a community member. Once your membership is confirmed, you will receive a link to order a supporter’s jersey.
  • Team Sponsors receive a team-issue jersey as part of their donation. If you’re interested, please contact us at UofLcycling@gmail.com.

I have never done a bike race or a triathlon. Can I still join?

  • Yes! We will prepare you and guide you through the process on how to train, take care of your equipment, how to fuel, and we’ll even stand at the roadside to cheer you on during your first event. When we say “Team,” we take it to heart, and we’re happy to add you to the family.

What is the membership period?

  • Community membership begins on date of purchase and ends on Dec. 31st of the year of purchase.
  • USA Cycling membership begins on date of purchase and ends on Dec. 31st of the year of purchase.
  • USA Triathlon membership begins on the date of purchase and ends 365 days later.

Where do you train?

  • UofL Cycling trains on local roads and trails in and around Louisville, Ky.
  • UofL Cycling mainly trains for mtb at Fort Duffield, O’bannon Woods, and Cherokee Park. Although we do occassionally go on trips to distant trails.
  • UofL Triathlon mostly trains indoors at Ralph R. Wright Natatorium, swims in nearby lakes and the Ohio River.
  • UofL Triathlon rides with UofL Cycling.

Does UofL Cycling and Triathlon provide scholarships?

  • UofL Cycling and Triathlon are not varsity teams at the University of Louisville. Instead we are a well-funded club sport. Members provide most of their own equipment. We have several industry sponsors that lower the barriers of entry into the sport, and make it a more enjoyable experience on a tight college-student budget.

I’m a junior cyclist looking to join a college team. How will UofL Cycling further develop my talent?

  • We have highly skilled members that are more than willing to ride with you and help better your skills.
  • UofL Cycling competes at a very high level in the Mid-West Collegiate Cycling College, a conference that includes many prominent teams. By racing against the best, you will develop into the best. UofL Cycling also benefits from a strong cycling community in Louisville, Ky and the coaching services of BarryS Coaching.

If I can get a scholarship to race at another cycling college, why should I consider UofL Cycling?

  • You should consider the University of Louisville because it offers a more prestigious degree, more areas of study and a more vibrant and diverse experience than the typical small, private, religious universities that offer varsity cycling scholarships.
  • The University of Louisville features the best engineering program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the largest amount of undergraduate research opportunities in the state, the highest per capita research expenditure in the state and a total student population of 22,000 in the heart of Kentucky’s most vibrant city.
  • If you are from Kentucky, you can take advantage of in-state tuition while your good grades earn you an even lower tuition cost. Choose UofL Cycling because you’ll earn a degree that will only increase in value as time goes on.
  • You will also have complete freedom to how and when you train. UofL Cycling is a team where you can come up with whatever goals you come up with and we’ll help support you to reach those goals.

When do you race?

  • Road- Spring/Summer
  • MTB- Fall
  • Cyclocross- Fall/Winter
  • Triathlon- Summer/Fall

I like to ride bikes, and I’ve done a triathlon or two but UofL Cycling and Triathlon seems too intense for me. Can I join but not race?

  • Triathlons and bike races are incredibly fun, and your membership only requires one event– a race date that will keep you accountable and motivated to train. By joining UofL Cycling and Triathlon, you’re not joining a super-competitive team atmosphere; you’re joining a support network of people with similar tastes, age, and experience. Just like anything in life, you’ll get as much out of this team as you invest in it.

Does UofL Cycling and Triathlon offer leadership opportunities?

  • Yes! The organization is operated by dedicated student leaders. Natural-born leaders tend to bubble up naturally, and you can hone your skills at the SCC before getting that dream internship.
  • UofL Cycling & Triathlon hosts a wide variety of events ranging from a massive road race weekend to monthly free bike repair days. They are all planned by our student leaders!
  • Our leadership positions are: President & Fundraiser, Secretary & Marketing, Controller, Clothing & Merchandise Coordinator, Recruiter, Cycling Coordinator and Triathlon Coordinator.

Does UofL host bike races and triathlons?

  • UofL Cycling currently hosts a Road Race and Mountain Bike Race annually and  assists with multiple other events such as Tri Louisville, the Derby City Cup and even the 2016 & 2017 amateur road nationals. In the future we hope to host a  triathlon.