Evolution of the Cardinal Omnium

The Cardinal Omnium is an ambitious bicycle race that started as a one-day circuit race named the Cardinal Criterium at Long Run Park in Louisville in the Spring of 2016.

Since then, the bike race expanded to a two-day event in 2017, with two circuits– one at Long Run Park and one at Shawnee Park.

In 2018, the plans became so much bigger and better that we had to change the name of the race to the Cardinal Omnium.

What is an Omnium?

It’s a fancy word to describe a points tabulation system to crown an overall champion of a multi-event race. It’s a system designed to benefit the most well-rounded competitor, one who can conquer any race format thrown towards them. The Cardinal Omnium will feature an Individual Time Trial, a Road Race and a Criterium.

What is a Criterium?

There are many formats of bicycle racing. Originated in France, the Criterium (Crih-teh-ree-oom) is arguably the most exciting and spectator-friendly road-race format.

A “Crit” is a timed, short-circuit event in which racers do several laps, with the winner┬áhaving covered the most laps in the shortest amount of time.

The way distance is usually calculated by officials is a simple formula. They time the first lap, and use that split to predict how many laps will be done in a 30, 45 or 60 minute period.

Example: If beginner men (Category 5) do a 2-minute first lap, officials estimate that they will do 15 laps in a 30 minute race. The rider that finishes the 15th lap first wins!

What is a Time Trial?

The Cardinal Omnium features a Time Trial, an individual effort that is timed. The person with the lowest time over the specified course will be crowned winner. In this particular time trial, one may use aerodynamic equipment, but must follow the UCI and USA Cycling rulebooks, meaning most ultra-modern triathlon-specific bicycles are not legal. Skinsuits, aerodynamic helmets and shoe covers are allowed!