FAQ: How To Remove A Bicycle Headset?

When should I replace my bike headset?

If you’re experiencing play (unwanted movement) in your headset, or a rough grinding when you turn the bars, it’s likely that it’s time to service your headset or replace the headset bearings. Most modern bikes use two sealed bearings positioned at the top and bottom of the head tube.

How do I change my integrated headset?

10 Step Procedure

  1. loosen the stem bolts.
  2. remove the top cap.
  3. remove the upper headset components.
  4. remove the fork.
  5. clear the lower headset components (from headtube and fork)
  6. (re) install crown race and bearing.
  7. re-install fork.
  8. install bearing, washer(s) and dust cover.

How long should a bike headset last?

If you ride in dry conditions and don’t over tighten the headset, it could last a lifetime. For example, I’ve never changed one on a road bike and that includes some wet riding. Start getting some mud in there and who knows. 2.5 years is certainly possible.

What is bike grease used for?

However, grease is also used to lubricate threads and parts that fit together, such as the seatpost and stem and the associated bolts. If you plan to work on these parts, it’s good to have some grease on hand. How often you lube your bike depends on how you use it.

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