FAQ: How To Remove A Fixed Cog In Bicycle?

How do you remove a wheel cog?

Hold cogs in clockwise direction with sprocket chain whip tool. Turn remover counter-clockwise, using a large adjustable wrench, the hex end of another Park Tool sprocket chain whip tool, or the Park Tool FRW-1 freewheel wrench. It will require force to remove the lockring.

How do you remove a cog lock ring?

Remove Lockring First, we have to remove the lockring so we can get to the cog. Grab your trusty lockring wrench, and get twisting! Remember, the lockring is reverse threaded to keep the cog on there while you brake, so it’s clockwise (righty-loosey) to get it removed.

How do you remove a cog without a chain whip?

Brace your wheel between your legs, put a sturdy piece of wood like a 2×4 on your cassette’s left side, and hit it down with a rock to release the cassette without a cassette wrench. You’ll still need the little lockring tool, but an auto parts store will have an adjustable wrench to grab the lockring tool.”

How do I remove a single speed cog?

Freewheel Removal

  1. Mount bike in repair stand and remove rear wheel from bike.
  2. Remove quick-release skewer.
  3. Inspect freewheel center and select correct removal tool (see chart above).
  4. Engage tool into splines/notches.
  5. Reinstall quick-release skewer with skewer nut on outside of remover.
  6. Snug skewer nut against remover.
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What can I use instead of chain whip?

If you have a regular claw hammer and another length of chain, then you can create your own chain whip. Just drape the length of chain through the claw part of the hammer with the majority of chain going away from the handle of the hammer.

Do I need a chain whip to remove a cassette?

Tools for Changing a Bike Cassette In order to remove and replace your cassette, you need to unscrew this lockring. You’ll need three tools to do this: a chain whip, a cassette lockring remover and a large adjustable crescent wrench.

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