FAQ: How To Remove Bicycle Wheel Axle?

Can I convert quick release to thru axle?

If it’s a front hub and your fork uses a QR, you can buy a new thru-axle hub and an adapter that lets you use a thru-axle hub in a QR fork. About $15 for the adapter. This will give a fractionally better bit of firmness, but primarily, if you change your fork down the road, you can get one with thru-axle.

Do you grease bike axle?

Although it is not required, it is recommended that you apply a light amount of grease to your Mountain Bike axles. You can apply it to the threads, and also on the base of the axles themselves. This not only makes them easier to install and remove, it also helps prevent rust and corrosion.

How tight should bike axles?

You want your rear axle very tight. 150 in/lb is about standard. If it is not tight it will allow the rear wheel to move around and it ties your rear triangle together. Basically the whole back of the bike will feel sloppy.

What size are bike axle nuts?

Less commonly you will find 12mm or 14mm axles, often on load bikes and Asian or African bikes, and some mountain bikes. But those are fairly obvious. Some older front axles were 9mm or even 8mm, and they bend easily.

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