FAQ: How To Remove Single Speed Rear Gear From Bicycle Wheel?

How do you change a rear bike wheel without a quick release?

Disengage brakes and derailleur gear (gives chain more slack, making wheel removal easier) Work on the nuts and loosen them using a spanner (Pro tip: use a spanner with the exact size of nuts) Gently remove the rear bike wheel. Completely remove the derailleur chain and lift your bike off the ground.

Can you take apart a freewheel?

Disassembly. Leave the freewheel in place on the wheel, or screw it onto a wheel, so that you will have something to hold it with. Breaking the freewheel loose from the wheel now with a freewheel remover reduces the likelihood of damage to the inner body if you have to remove it for reassembly.

How do you take the rear wheel off a fixed gear bike?

After you break the chain and remove the wheel, you might want to remove the set screws. The axle of the wheel floats somewhere in the middle of the dropout and is aligned and the chain tensioned by hand. To remove the wheel you unscrew the axle nuts, slide the wheel forward, and remove.

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