How To Remove A Bicycle Valve Core Without A Tool?

What is a valve core tool?

The valve core is a small metal piece that threads inside your tire valve stem. Simply use the Valve Core Removal tool in the black cap of your sealant bottle to screw out/in the valve core.

How do I know if my Presta valve has a removable core?

On a presta valve there is a wide threaded part that the lock ring attaches to. And a narrower part with the valve lock nut above it that the cap threads onto. If the narrow part has two flat sides to get a tool onto, then it’s removable.

What happens when you remove a valve core?

WARNING: Removing the valve core causes a blast of air. Consequently, this blast can easily blow dirt or contaminants into your eyes. Always wear eye protection when removing the valve core. In addition, keep your face clear of the immediate vicinity of the valve.

How do I unscrew a broken valve?

How to Remove a Broken Valve Stem

  1. Drain any water or air from the valve.
  2. Remove any obstructions above the valve stem.
  3. Thread the removal tool onto the valve stem, turning it clockwise all the way down.
  4. Pull out, straight, on the handles of the tool, with your hand, to lift the valve stem out of the socket.

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