How To Remove A Coaster Brake Arm From A Bicycle Tire?

How do you remove coaster brakes from a bicycle?

Unscrew its locknut with your wrench, followed by its cone screw and small ball retainer. Unscrew the driver and large ball retainer by unscrewing them with your fingers. Lift the hub shell from the assembly and catch the brake shoes as they fall off the coaster brake.

Can coaster brake be removed?

If you, for whatever reason, have a bike—or purchased a bike—with a coaster brake installed and want it removed, you can either take it back to the shop and let them do it for you, or you can do it yourself. You might need a lockring wrench depending on the kind of coaster brake installed on your bike.

Can you change a coaster brake to freewheel?

How do I convert a coaster brake into a freewheel? You can put a freewheel adapter on it, those were made for Suntour/Bendix (same part) and Shimano. Or you can do a mod with the brake shoes, but it will have more “slop” between coasting and pedaling that way. Ok.

What is a coaster brake arm?

A coaster brake on a bike is a braking system that is set in motion by pedaling backward. Bikes with coaster brakes are quite easy to spot due to the brake arm that is attached to the chainstay of the bike (typically on the left side of the bike – the opposite side to where the chain is mounted).

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Can I remove pedal brakes from bike?

Short answer – no, not easily. Kids don’t have the hand strength to use handbrakes properly, so a coaster brake is going to function better, once he gets the hang of it. He’s activating the brake by pedalling backwards. So don’t do that.

Are coaster brakes safe?

coaster brakes are similar to fixies because it can take a while to stop. also on a long descent using a coaster brake can actually cause it to overheat and explode. when using rim brakes you should almost always (80%+) use the front brake.

How do you take apart a coaster brake?


  1. Begin by loosening brake arm stop screw to free arm from frame.
  2. Remove wheel from from bike and remove axle nuts and washers from axle.
  3. Note axle protusion on both left and side. Measure and record axle protusion off left side. This allows the axle to be quickly centered during reassembly.

Can you add hand brakes to a bike?

You can absolutely do this. A local bike shop can handle installing breaks and swapping out the rear cog if you want too. If you want to do the work yourself just look for a bike that has holes to mount brakes centered above the wheel on the fork and frame.

Who invented coaster brakes?

On April 9, 1907, Harry Pond Townsend patented the driving and braking mechanism for cycles. The coaster brake, as it was known, was not a radically new invention, but it was the first device to combine the functions of driving, braking, and coasting.

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Are coaster brakes legal in UK?

A bicycle needs two independent brakes to be safe on the road. In fact, in England, Scotland and Wales it’s a legal requirement. Some bikes have a coaster brake, operated by pedalling backwards. Fixed-wheel bikes do not freewheel, so the rear wheel can be slowed by back pressure on the pedals; it’s a brake of sorts.

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