How To Remove Bicycle Headset Cups?

Do you need a headset removal tool?

This job is possible to accomplish without a proper cup remover tool and headset press, but we highly recommend using the correct tools. Using the wrong tool to remove your headset cups could result in a gouged headtube at best, or fatal damage to your frame at worst.

Should you grease a headset?

Grease The Top And Bottom Headset Cups On the dust cap specifically, it is easy to apply too much grease. When the headset is filled with too much grease, some will make it out the side of the top cap and start to collect dirt when riding.

What is a zero stack headset?

ZS (Zero Stack) The internal headset uses bearings that sit below or at least flush with the headtube (figure 3). This system is also called Zero Stack, or semi-integrated. The cup uses the top or bottom edge of the headtube as a stop. These cups are sold as part of the replacement headset.

How do I know if my headset has bearings?

The bearing may be marked “36-45.” The first number refers to the inside bearing contact with the headset race or centering cone. The second number refers to the frame contact. The less common 36-degree angular contact standard uses a bearing for the 1-1/8 inch steering columns with a 41.5mm outside diameter.

How do I test my headset bearings?

Bounce the front wheel off the ground a few times: a rattling sound indicates the headset is loose. If the bars lock in the middle and point straight then it’s either too tight or the bearings are heavily worn.

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