How To Remove Triple Tree Front End On Bicycle?

What is a motorcycle Triple Tree?

. Triple Tree (“triple clamp” (US) or “yoke” (UK)) attaches the fork tubes to the frame via steering head bearings, which allow the forks to pivot from side to side, and therefore steer the motorcycle.

How do I make sure my triple clamps are straight?

If you want to align your front end the RIGHT way:

  1. Set fork height in top triple clamp properly (I use a dial caliper to do the measurement).
  2. Mount the front wheel.
  3. Tighten the pinch bolts on the axle nut side, then LOOSEN the ones opposite the axle nut.

How do you raise forks in a triple clamp?

It’s not necessary to completely remove the bolts, just loosen them up enough so that the fork tubes will slide up in the triple clamp. Once the bolts are loose, a light push down on the hand lebars should easily push the fork tubes up above the top of the triple clamp.

How do you check a triple clamp?

To check an assembled fork leg for a bent upper tube, spin the upper tube with the lower tube stationary. In either test, check for runout. To check the lower triple clamps, insert straight fork tubes or legs, tighten the pinch bolts and view from the side. If the 2 sides are not parallel, the lowers are bent.

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How do you change a steering head bearing on a motorcycle?

The basic steps to this job are:

  1. Inspect steering head bearings.
  2. Remove fork and other obstacles; remove the triple trees.
  3. Swap old bearings for new ones.
  4. Replace triple trees and adjust spanner nut.
  5. Replace fork and whatever else was moved to access the triple trees.
  6. Check your work and go ride!

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