Often asked: How To Remove End Plugs From Bicycle Handle Grips?

How do I remove bar end cores?

Take off the bar end. Remove the screw. Thread the screw into the inner, without the bar end weight. Grab the screw, depress the tang with a small screwdriver or drift, and pull out the core.

How do you remove a broken bar end?

1. Grab the aluminum bit on the bar end weight with a pliers or vise grip and remove the allen bolt. 2 now use allen to screw into other broken bit in bar. 3 As you pull out, a needle nose plier can squeeze the clip to release it and the unit should now slide out.

What are bar end plugs for bikes?

The plugs that stop-up the open ends of the bars are called bar-end plugs and are installed to prevent serious injury in the case of a fall. Open-ended handlebars can puncture the abdomen in a crash, with deadly results.

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