Question: How Can A Bicycle Chain Link Get Bent?

What causes a stiff chain link?

The thing that causes most stiff links is compressing the sideplates too tightly together, a natural result of using a chain tool that presses in the chain pin under great force to install the chain. The safe way to free a stiff link is to use a chain tool and push on both ends of the pin causing the stiff link.

Can you fix a twisted bike chain?

Tangled bike chains are one of the most common problems that cyclists face. To untangle your chain, you can try to put enough slack in it so you can untwist it. If this doesn’t work, you can remove your rear wheel, slide the chain off the sprockets, and shake the chain until it becomes untangled.

How do you know if your crank arm is bent?

If you have a bent crank or pedal spindle you ‘ll feel the top of the pedal rock sideways as you pedal. At one point in the revolution the outside will be lower than the inside, 180 degrees later it’ll be the oposite. You often get used to the movement, so it can be hard to tell.

Why has my bike chain snapped?

Chains break for a host of reasons, but most common is wear. For example, if a chain has been ridden for 2500 miles, it will actually stretch out. Correspondingly, a ridden chain will be longer from link to link than a new chain. Combine all those factors, mix in one bad shift and you have a recipe for a broken chain.

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How much does it cost to replace a bike chain?

Most bike shops will charge about $30 – $50 dollars depending on the bike shop, whether it’s a popular brand or a “mom & pop” shop. You may also want to take into consideration that the chain itself may cost $30 – $50 dollars but then the labor cost to replace this might run you an additional $10 dollars.

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