Question: How To Remove Rear Wheel From Magna Glacier Point Bicycle?

How do you change a rear cassette on a bike?

How to change a cassette

  1. Remove rear wheel and quick release. Shift into the smallest sprocket.
  2. Remove cassette. Wrap your chain whip around the sprockets, and insert the lockring tool.
  3. Clean freehub body.
  4. Attach new cassette.
  5. Attach lockring.
  6. Reattach quick release and fit wheel back onto bike.

How do you remove the rear wheel of a Shimano Nexus?

First, remove the inner cable fixing bolt unit from the pulley [2], Remove the outer casing from the outer casing holder [3]. 3. Loosen the hub nuts (anticlockwise direction) on both sides by an adjustable wrench or 15mm spanner and now the wheel can be released from the frame.

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