Question: How To Remove Road Bicycle Shifters?

How do you disassemble a bike shifter?

2 Answers

  1. Release the brake cable.
  2. Release the gear cable.
  3. Stick a 5mm allen wrench under the rubber cover on the outside of the shifter.
  4. Remove the brake cable pivot pin inside the shifter.
  5. Pulling the brake will reveal the screws inside the shifter.
  6. At this point you should be able to remove the plastic housing.

How do you remove Shimano brake levers?

How To Replace A Shimano Disk Brake Lever? (Easy Step-By-Step)

  1. Remove grip.
  2. Loosen 8mm hose bolt
  3. Slide lever off the bars.
  4. Slide new lever on.
  5. Swap hose from the old lever to new the lever.
  6. Remove bleed port screw
  7. Attach Shimano bleed funnel.
  8. Add oil & squeeze the lever.

How do you remove Shimano 100gs brake lever?

Totaly disengage the cable from the lever, then armed with a wide flat head screwdriver squeeze the lever and look in the gap that opens. Loosen ‘er up and reposion her. The lever requires quite a bit of torque to tighten her back down.

How do you replace a shift lever?

Turn the knob counterclockwise or remove the screw at the base of the knob to remove the knob from the shift lever. Install the new knob on the shift lever by threading it clockwise onto the shift lever or sliding it onto the shift lever and tightening the screw to the base of the knob.

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