Quick Answer: How Remove Bicycle Spoke Guard?

Can I remove my spoke guard?

Yes. It’ll pop off easy with a few snips of wire cutters. It looks silly and is only necessary if you can’t tune your derailleur. I took mine off immediately and never had an issue even when my bike was out of tune.

Should I remove spoke protector?

When the rear derailleur is adjusted properly, the need for a spoke protector diminishes because the chain isn’t in contact with the spokes when shifting to the largest cog.

Do I need a cassette guard?

Its a spoke guard. It prevents the chain from going between the spokes and cassette causing damage if you shift too far. This can only happen on badly tuned gears or old friction shifted shifters.

What does a derailleur guard do?

A derailleur guard protects the mech primarily from lateral falls and side hits to the body from objects with a great surface area. A branch or a rock of the right shape could still hit the low pulley and the cage of the derailleur from below. Furthermore, derailleur guards offer protection only from low impact hits.

What does the dork disk do?

The Dork Disc is a disc that sits behind the Freewheel or Cassette on the rear tire of a bicycle, it is used to protect the spokes of the rear wheel from the chain coming off the cassette between it and the spokes. they are usually a plastic disc, although some bikes in the early 80’s and before had a nice chrome one.

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Should I remove reflectors from road bike?

Because reflectors fall off and litter the trails, so most just remove them at home. They get loose and rattle. They serve no purpose on a trail, only on a road.

Can I remove my dork disc?

Dork disc removal process: The cassette lockring needs to be spun anti-clockwise to loosen and remove it, as it’s just a normal thread, but of course the cassette will just want to spin freely anti-clockwise, so this is why we need a chain whip. You’ll then be able to remove the cassette from the bike.

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