Quick Answer: How To Remove Old Bicycle Stem And Fork?

How do I remove an old mountain bike fork?

How to Remove a Bicycle Fork and Stem

  1. Remove the front wheel from the fork.
  2. Remove the brakes from your front fork.
  3. Loosen the four hex bolts that connect the handlebar to the stem.
  4. Loosen the hex bolt that secures the headset top cap.
  5. Loosen the two hex bolts that clamp the stem to the steering tube.

Should you grease a quill stem?

Compression-Slotted Stem Center the bar in the stem, which you should already have inserted. If necessary, open up the compression slot as you did during the removal process. Apply grease to the compression slot bolt and install it, but do not tighten it fully.

How do you know if a fork will fit your bike?

The main thing you need to look for is the steerer size. Most Mtb headtube is 1.1/8″, a few are 1.5″ or the combo of the two, tapered steerer. So as long as the fork is 1.1/8″ you are good to go.

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