Quick Answer: How To Remove Rear Tire From A Bicycle That Has Gears?

How do you take the back wheel off a Pashley?

Undo the cable that attaches to the toggle chain ( that goes into the right hand side of the axle ). Slacken off the axle nuts, push the wheel forward and roll the chain off the rear sprocket, if you can support the chain so much the better. Remove the wheel.

How do you take the wheels off a Sturmey Archer?

Where the cable meets the little chain, there should be a smooth barrel with a small, ridged wheel. You can unscrew the barrel and the cable and chain will detach so you can remove the wheel.

How do you take the back wheel off a Townie bike?

Removing Rear Wheels Is Easy!

  1. Shift onto the small cog and small chainring. Shifting the chain down onto the smallest cog on the rear wheel and the smallest chainring on the crankset, creates slack in the chain, which makes wheel removal much easier.
  2. Open the brake.
  3. Pull the derailleur back and remove the wheel.

How do I remove SRAM from dual drive?

Just lightly tighten the shifting rod with a flat screw- driver, until snug. With the click box removed, loosen the two axle nuts with a 15mm wrench, a crescent wrench, or your pedal/headset wrench in the tool pouch. The wheel should slide out.

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