Quick Answer: What Is A Chain Guard On A Bicycle For?

What does a chain guard do on a bike?

A gear case, also known as a chain case or chainguard, is an enclosure for the bicycle chain and sprocket assemblages commonly employed by utility bicycles. It serves to protect the cyclist from being soiled or trapped in the chain rings and tends to fully enclose the drive train.

Should I take my chain guard off?

A plastic chain guard is NOT going to stop a broken chain from doing damage. I took my guard off 6 months ago. Keep your chain clean and lubed, and wipe off any excess lube. If you ride in the rain.

What are chain guides for?

Chain guides are typically used in conjunction with a bash guard, an alloy or polycarbonate plate that is fitted to the chainset in place of the largest chainring and which prevents rocks, logs and other trail or racetrack obstacles from damaging chainrings.

Are chain guides worth it?

Why You Should Run a Chain Guide Mounting a chain guide on your mountain bike gives you an extra sense of security, hopefully ensuring that you won’t ever drop your chain. When you are flying through rough sections of trail, the chain will jump up and down and can sometimes work its way off the chainring.

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Do you need chain guard on bike?

It is not necessary to install a chain guard on your bike. If you are flying through rough sections of trail or road its does a good job of keeping the chain in line with the teeth on the chainring and you can continue pedaling. You can have a bash guard with the chain guide.

What is a chain stay?

What is the chainstay? The chainstay or “stays” = The pair of frame tubes that joins the bottom bracket shell to the rear axle holders (the slots the back wheel goes in). This means that the chain stays connect the bottom bracket (BB) to the center of the back wheel.

Can you ride without chain guard?

On many bikes, not having a chain guard is particularly dangerous for a passenger if you ever carry one. Although not nearly as sharp, a bike chain at speed has an action somewhat like a chain saw.

Can you ride a dirtbike without a chain guard?

Keeping safety in mind, removing the chain guard from your motorcycle is definitely not recommended. It’s there for a good reason! A removed chain guard leaves your foot and the bike unprotected from the whipping chain in case the chain snaps. Despite the risks, some riders take off this protector from their bikes.

How do I know my bike chain size?

Begin by counting the number of teeth on the largest front sprocket and largest rear. These numbers are often printed right on the sprockets and cogs. Next, measure the distance between the middle of the crank bolt to the rear axle. This is also the chain stay length.

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Is a bash guard necessary?

They are a lot more rare. They used to be integral to chainguides, but now chainguides are not necessary for a lot of us that DH race, due to NW rings and clutch derailleurs. The 1x drivetrain moves the chainring in a bunch, due to generally smaller size, so you don’t have a 42t hanging out there anymore either.

Do you need a chain guide with a clutch derailleur?

But back to cross-country, trail, all-mountain, and enduro rigs. On those types of bikes, clutch-equipped derailleurs and chainrings designed to help keep the chain from bouncing off have made guides an option rather than a necessity for many (but not all) riders.

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