Readers ask: How To Remove A Shimano Bicycle Chain Quick Link?

Can you reuse a Shimano chain Quick Link?

The quick link is designed for use with 11-speed chains and is, according to Shimano, not reusable. It is compatible with all 11-speed Shimano chains according to the Japanese company and will include two pairs in each pack.

How do you break a chain link without a tool?

In order to shorten the link without a chain tool, you need an alternative tool like a hammer, pliers or thin nail. They will assist you in pushing the pin easily. You can position the chain over a socket, and hit it with a hammer. Then, you can now pass the bolt all throughout the open holes.

Can you put two quick links in a chain?

It is not safe to join a 9 or 10sp chain with anything other than a quick link or a joining pin. The original pins are riveted over and this breaks off on removal. Nothing wrong with using 2 quick links.

Can I use a SRAM quick link on a Shimano chain?

SRAM PowerLock Links – compatible with SRAM and Shimano chains of the same speed. No tools needed for installation.

Are quick links permanent?

The kmc quick links from what I can gather are good for the life of the chain, so when the chains worn, the link is too. If the quick link is brand new it should be fine till the chain needs replacing, at which point you bin the chain and don’t re use the quick link.

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How many times can you use Quick Link?

How many times have you / will you reuse a Shimano quick link? Shimano says their quick links are single use only. I’ve opened and reused one of mine twice. I also carry an old one for emergencies.

Can I use KMC missing link on Shimano chain?

IS KMC MISSING LINK COMPATIBLE WITH SHIMANO CHAIN, SRAM CHAIN, OR CAMPY CHAIN? Yes, KMC constructs Missing Link I, II, 9, and 10 for 7.3mm, 7.1mm, 6.6mm, and 5.9mm respectively; all Missing Links are compatible with Sram, Shimano, and Campy equivalent chains.

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