Readers ask: How To Remove A Single Speed Freewheel Cassette Hub On A Bicycle?

Can you convert a freewheel to single speed?

If you want to put a proper singlespeed freewheel on the back, you’ll need to change the rear hub to a singlespeed specific hub, then you can just screw the (bmx) freewheel onto that. If you’re sure about going to singlespeed and your back wheel is getting a bit old, it might be worth getting a new wheel.

When should I replace my single speed freewheel?

If you ride around on a single speed bike or a BMX, then once every one to two years you need to replace the freewheel cog.

Do you need a chain whip to remove cassette?

Tools for Changing a Bike Cassette In order to remove and replace your cassette, you need to unscrew this lockring. You’ll need three tools to do this: a chain whip, a cassette lockring remover and a large adjustable crescent wrench.

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