Readers ask: How To Remove Chain From Bicycle Motor?

What size chain does a motorized bicycle take?

Bicycle single speed chain will work on most, it will take two bike chains to make one mb chain. Walmart sells a chain breaker that works fairly well. Just lower the chain adjuster wheel all the way down and measure the chain, remember measure twice cut once.

What size chain do motorized bikes use?

#41 motorized bike chain. The #41 chain is a strong alternative chain that replaces the 415 & 410 motorized bike chains. (under options select sizes to order 4-8 foot lengths, includes 1 master link) Fits all Manic Mechanic sprockets! Most engine kits come with a 5 foot chain

How do you remove a sprocket from a shaft?

Use a piece of steel plate or bar, a piece of round stock or old shaft or something as the spaces to go against the shaft. And then use the bolts that go back to the sprocket to pull. It’s a little hard to judge, but if you could use 2-3/4” bolts in those smaller holes you could pull harder than that puller.

How do you break a chain link without a tool?

In order to shorten the link without a chain tool, you need an alternative tool like a hammer, pliers or thin nail. They will assist you in pushing the pin easily. You can position the chain over a socket, and hit it with a hammer. Then, you can now pass the bolt all throughout the open holes.

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