Readers ask: How To Remove Stuck Fork Bicycle?

How do I remove an old mountain bike fork?

How to Remove a Bicycle Fork and Stem

  1. Remove the front wheel from the fork.
  2. Remove the brakes from your front fork.
  3. Loosen the four hex bolts that connect the handlebar to the stem.
  4. Loosen the hex bolt that secures the headset top cap.
  5. Loosen the two hex bolts that clamp the stem to the steering tube.

How do you remove the bottom of a fork headset?

It can usually be placed to get stuck with just hand force. Carefully hold the blade in place with one hand, then gently knock it in with a hammer. Make it go in just for about 1 mm, so it can easily be removed with hands. Rotate the fork by 1/8 of a circle (some 45 degrees), then repeat the process.

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