Readers ask: Why Is My Bicycle Chain Tight In Some Areas And Loose In Others?

What causes uneven chain tension?

Uneven chain tension is almost always due to kinking links, new chain will fix.

Why is my bike chain tight and loose?

Re: tight then loose Chain Could be: bent crank, over stretched chain, misaligned chain, off center chainwheel, tweaked rear hub, bad freewheel. Most likely is an off center chainwheel: Remove the chain and check how far the chainwheel moves front to back, like you are truing a wheel with a hop in it.

How do you fix uneven chain tension?

Loosen your lockring until it’s just barely holding the cog, then pedal till you find the tight spot. Then just squeeze the chain together a little and check for a new tight spot and repeat. This usually works if it’s the problem.

Why does my chain have a tight spot?

Either condition, tight (or more exactly loose) spots or kinked links that don’t properly come straight with each other are an indication that the chain is on it’s way down the tubes. It makes it hard to adjust properly because you must adjust at the “tight” spots, making the loose spots too floppy.

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Why does my BMX chain have a tight spot?

If you feel your BMX chain has a “tight spot,” the first thing you should check is the Sprocket. This tight spot on a BMX bike is usually caused by the bolts behind the Sprocket being loosened. A simple tightening of the bolts should fix a tight-spot.

What is a sprocket on a bicycle?

Sprockets are used in bicycles, motorcycles, tracked vehicles, and other machinery either to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are unsuitable or to impart linear motion to a track, tape etc.

Why does my BMX bike chain tighten and loosen as the pedals rotate?

The chain itself can be unevenly worn out, or be uneven from factory. This can happen with very cheap chains, and can cause even a combination of slight unevenness of chain, sprocket and chainring to create a somewhat “random” pattern of tightening and loosening of the chain as the bike rolls.

What will a loose motorcycle chain do?

A loose chain has the potential of coming off the sprockets altogether. This means you’ll lose power to your motorcycle even though the engine is still running. This may not seem so bad unless you think about losing power in the middle of the freeway.

Will a new motorcycle chain stretch?

A new motorcycle chain will appear to stretch during the first few rides after installation. However, a chain should not stretch too much immediately and might be defective if it continues to stretch or needs to be constantly adjusted.

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