What Is Hg, Ug, Ig Bicycle Chain?

What is IG in bike chain?

Interactive Glide (IG) chains are designed to work with IG cassettes, derailleurs, and cranksets on 1996-1999 XTR, Deore XT, Deore LX, STX-RC, STX, Alivio and Acera-X.

What is an HG bike chain?

A directional mountain bike specific 10-speed HG-X chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight and greater overall performance. HG-X directional chain: Outer side is optimized for front shifting and inner side is optimized for rear shifting.

What does Shimano HG mean?

HG ( Hyper-Glide ) HG, short for ‘HyperGlide’, is the most common and traditional freehub body design available. Created by Shimano, it is the standard used for cassettes that have at least an 11-tooth cog as the smallest cog on the cassette. HG Specific cassettes are available in 8,9,10, and 11speed options.

What is a Hyperglide chain?

Hyperglide refers to the profiled teeth and ramps cut in to the outward face of each cog which enables the chain to climb to a lower gear easily. It was introduced in 1989 along with the 7 speed MTB & road groups, and has continued up to now with 9 speed MTB and 10 speed road groups.

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What is the difference between HG and IG chains?

The HG chain is a narrower chain meant for 8-9 speed drive trains. The IG chain is wider and meant for 6,7,8 speed drive trains.

Are Shimano HG chains directional?

This means that the HG-X chain is directional. It must be installed in a specific manner — the Shimano logo should be right-side up on the section of chain between the top of the cassette and the top of the chain ring.

Are Shimano chains made by KMC?

KMC Chains are made by KMC Chain Industrial Co Ltd, a roller chain manufacturer in Taiwan with outlets in the US and Europe. They make and manufacture bicycle chains, as well as other components under the name of KMC, and distribute them to other companies, including Shimano.

What does FB mean on Shimano reels?

Alot of Shimanos finish with FA, FB etc. The “F” stands for front drag and the letter after stands for the model of that range. If a reel has an “S” at the end (like 2500S), it means it is a “shallow spool” model. “HG” at the end, meaning “High Gear” “PG” at the end, meaning “Power Gear”

Where is Shimano reels made?

This reel is made in Japan where Shimano makes most of it premium reels.

When did Shimano introduce HYPERGLIDE?

As Sheldon Brown says on his excellent bicycle tech page about Dura-Ace, it was Shimano who first introduced Hyperglide system in 1989. Individual teeth are shaped differently, and neighbor sprockets are matched against one another so that the shift between them is much easier.

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What is a Hyperglide hub?

HyperGlide hubs have the freehub body exterior threaded on the outer end, and also have the interior of the outer end threaded, for the HG lockring.

What is Hyperglide plus?

All three groups share the Hyperglide Plus system, which is specific tooth profiling to match the chains for way faster shifting up and down the cassette, especially under load. The cassette ranges are the same, but XTR has more alloy sprockets for the small gears, and the middle range is Ti.

What is Shimano Hyperglide plus?

Benefits & Features. Better chain engagement, stronger retention, and smoother pedaling provide greater power and confidence over rapidly changing terrain. Definitive up & down shifting in both directions boosts riders’ concentration and acceleration.

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