UofL Cycling and Triathlon Membership Get ready to reap the benefits this organization has to offer! Regardless of where your fitness is or where your knowledge lies, elevate yourself to a new level and make your goals a reality! Free Membership– Many people just ride bikes for fun, and we’re totally OK with that! If…

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Are you an alumnus of UofL or a fan? Would you like to wear great-looking, high quality UofL clothing on the bike? Become a member of the Student Cycling Coalition and you’ll be able to purchase a Hincapie UofL Supporter’s Jersey. Membership costs $10 and you’ll support UofL Cycling and Triathlon. You’ll receive organization news…

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Faculty Members are eligible to join the SCC and help our mission to promote cycling. As a faculty member you will have exclusive access to the official Hincapie Sportswear team clothing of Louisville Cycling & Triathlon. Help us out by spreading the word to other UofL Faculty and Staff that enjoy riding bikes or competing in triathlons! Please…

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  1. I’m not a student or faculty, just a n avid cyclist and big Louisville Cards fan … are the cycling kits available for purchase? If so, how? If not, it could be a great fundraiser for your program! Thanks for your feedback.

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