UofL Cycling and Triathlon Membership

Get ready to reap the benefits this organization has to offer! Regardless of where your fitness is or where your knowledge lies, elevate yourself to a new level and make your goals a reality!

Free Membership– Many people just ride bikes for fun, and we’re totally OK with that! If you’re on our student email list, you’re considered a free member.  Here’s what you get as a free member:

  • A weekly email containing a rundown of all the major upcoming events like races, clinics, and meetings
  • Access to the Facebook group where ride schedules are posted. It’s also a fun group where our love for cycling and triathlon is shared in jokes, videos, photos and cycling know-how
  • Access to purchase official Louisville Cycling & Triathlon cycling clothing

Racing Membership- The heart and soul of this organization is centered around crossing the finish line while the friends you’ve trained with cheer you on. You’re considered a racing member if you purchase a collegiate racing license through USA Cycling or USA Triathlon, the sports’ governing bodies– no team dues!

  • Everything in the Free Membership (email, Facebook, clothing)
  • Access to our team-only industry discounts with Felt Bicycles, XTERRA Wetsuits, and local bike shop VO2 Multisport
  • Complete or partial reimbursement for travel expenses to collegiate races
  • Miscellaneous discounts through USAC and USAT as dictated by the governing bodies

Why cycling should be part of your college experience

  • You get to travel.
    • What do real Wisconsin cheese- in Wisconsin- and the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina have in common? We got to experience them on our many cycling road trips!
  • Cycling and Triathlon are the new golf.
    • Ever wanted to meet an influential businessman in Louisville? If they’re a cyclist, chances are high you might bump into them on a ride or at a race. At that point it’s just you, him/her and the open road for a few hours.
    • When you race, you make friends from all walks of life and universities throughout the country. Can you say ‘networking’?
    • If you become a leader in the club, you’ll get experience with organizational management, event planning and marketing among others. How about that resume?
  • Cycling builds confidence.
    • Are you nervous about meeting the team or going on a new ride? It takes a certain level of self-assuredness to suit up in those clothes and walk into a gas station before you meet your new riding buddies. Not to mention that if you can ride your bike to the top of a mountain, anything seems easy/possible afterwards!
    • Fun fact: the bicycle was pivotal in the women’s rights movement of the early 20th century. As it turned out, riding a bike in a dress was hard, so women began wearing pants to enjoy the ride!
  • Cycling is safe.
    • Sure, something sounds absurd about ripping down a mountainside on a bike, but trust us on this. If you dedicate yourself to training, racing and becoming an athlete, your health will improve, your friends will be healthy people, and drugs and alcohol will take a back seat. Don’t get us wrong though, cyclists like to have fun and have a love affair with craft beer and high end bourbon, but those don’t lead to stereotypical college weekend binges.
  • Got any more Q’s? Check out our FAQ’s page.

Still reading? You might be the kind of person we want around. Fill out the form, and we’ll add you to the Facebook group and email list.